Tiny Ballroom Orchestra

The Tiny Ballroom Orchestra is a project with Ingmar Winkler on guitar. On a Blues jam session we got on stage together for the first time and felt this could be something, so we started playing some songs together and before we realized it had a first gig


Birte Schöler and Ingmar Winkler, TBO

It was amazing to see how people liked the tender yet strong sounds of our duo that loves the jazz of Jamie Cullum and Ella Fitzgerald, the smooth sounds of Tuck and Patti, the bluesy weirdness of Rickie Lee Jones and the cheerful melancholy of Madeleine Peyroux just as much as Miss Li's sense of humour and Jamiroquai's funk.


So far we are interpreting songs by these wonderful artists, but own compositions are what we are aiming at and working on. Find some impressions of TBO's sound in the section Listen.