Music music music, that's why - in school it was simply exciting when I got on stage for the first time, singing a capella with a friend on a small Big Band concert. Joining a band with some amazing musicians then made me realize how incredible a bunch of instruments and voice could sound when they were playing with the same pulse. Still I lost touch with music when moving away to study, it took a year in France and a roommate who loved filling our kitchen with the sound of Djiango Reinhard's gypsy swing to get me back.


After returning to Freiburg I joined the university musical group and the basement Blues Combo "Erik and his Ex-wives", which taught me how beautiful simple melodies and words can be and that the most important in making music is to listen to and feel what you and the others around you are doing.


Since then, music has always been there - during my study time mostly as a beloved companion and sometimes in the form of a very annoying nagger, when I simply couldn't get a song off my mind and would stare out of the window humming instead of finishing a paper. So now that that's done, music finally gets the place in my life it deserves.